world fandoms gather to pray for dancer Mo after tragedy

Mo is a Canadian dancer, instructor and choreographer who, in the last days of July, enjoyed being with the group of boys, from Hong Kong, Mirror. on your account instagram images of his work and moments of his artistic history appear.

On July 22, a few days before the accident he suffered when he was hit by a screen during a concert of the popular group, he shared some images with the title: “we are enjoying the stage”, as he sat in the middle of the dais looking up, as if his gaze was directed towards the six hanging screens.

The mirror is a group of boys of Hong Kong formed by the reality show of talent Good Night Show – King Maker from ViuTV in 2018. The group consists of twelve members: Frankie Chan, Alton Wong, Lokman Yeung, Stanley Yau, Anson Kong, Jer Lau, Ian Chan, Anson Lo, Jeremy Lee, Edan Lui, Keung To and Tiger Yau. They would never have imagined that a drama could mark their history.

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At least two Hong Kong dancers were injured on Thursday night after being struck by a collapsing screen during a concert by the city’s most popular band, Mirror.

What is Mo’s current status?

The organizers of the stage where the Hong Kong Mirror concert was held have publicly apologized in front of the intensive care unit where the dancer is. Mo, 27, remains in intensive care, and the diagnosis given by doctors is paralysis of all four limbs, cerebral hemorrhage and a fractured cervical vertebra; Moreover, he remains in a coma.

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Fandom united by Mo and Mirror

Today, there are hundreds of fan clubs around the world. But there are some that become very large, bringing together up to 50 million people who share a common taste.

The fandom of groups such as BTS, Stray kids, among others, left rivalries behind to unite and pray for the dancer’s speedy recovery; In addition, they send messages of support and good wishes to all those who suffered injuries on stage.

Meet the most powerful musical fandom in the world

“You have to send support and good vibes to the group, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know them, it could have happened to any other idol JWe need to be united sometimes and hope this doesn’t happen to adults,” “No matter what fandom you are, we all hope you’re doing well,” they shared on social media.


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