A bulldozer operator is fired and destroys several luxury houses in revenge

An unexpected dismissal is never easy to face. Suddenly, you find yourself without a job and, therefore, without a salary to support yourself. Many people he chooses to do crazy things against his bossesas is the case of a Canadian who decided to destroy several luxury houses.

The 59-year-old was an excavator operator at a construction company until his boss decided he shouldn’t continue under him. He didn’t like the news, so destroyed several homes in the upscale Marina Muskoka neighborhood of Ontario, Canada.

After performing this action, the man was fined $5,000, as it was recorded and the video went viral on social media. He appears there considerably damaging the property with his bulldozer.

“It was almost surreal what happened. For something like this to happen…it’s like fiction“said Geordie Newlands, owner of SWS Muskoka Marina, who also claimed damages in the millions of dollars.

Initially, neither the police nor the neighbors knew the perpetrator or his motives, but the video clarified the facts and led to the disgruntled former worker being blamed for his dismissal.

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