CORPORATE/CGI donates $1 million for humanitarian aid and offers support to Ukrainians

CGI has worked in partnership with the International Committee of the Red Cross to raise emergency funds for Ukrainians and participates in numerous citizen initiatives to provide them with essential services and resources. Through employee donations and corporate contributions, CGI has contributed C$1 million and is working with other organizations to support those left behind in Ukraine and assist in the resettlement of refugees, including participating in proactive recruitment. .

In addition to the $1 million Canadian donation, CGI professionals around the world are working with government and community organizations to help Ukrainians in a variety of ways, including collecting and distributing clothing, food and medical supplies for refugees, welcoming them into their homes or managing free accommodation in host countries, in addition to providing them with training and support for their professional retraining, as well as language courses.

CGI professionals also contribute by developing or enabling platforms to find suppliers that meet their needs and by donating laptops so that refugees can continue their education, seek employment and stay connected. They also delivered food to the needy at the Ukrainian border and brought families to safety, helping refugees find jobs once settled in their new communities.

“Since the beginning of the terrible events unfolding in Ukraine, our teams around the world have had a strong desire to support those affected with ongoing assistance that includes donations, volunteer time and various community activities,” he explains. CEO George D. Schindler. “The association with the International Committee of the Red Cross”, -adds Schindler- “has enabled us to quickly mobilize monetary donations to reach and support those in need”.

For her part, CGI’s co-chair of the board of directors and executive vice-president of strategic planning and corporate development, Julie Godin, indicates that “although CGI does not have offices in Ukraine, Russia or Belarus and does not know no impact on its activity, we have employees who are Ukrainian or who have relatives in Ukraine. “It is part of our culture and our core values,” Godin stresses, “always do our part to help those in need and we will continue to do all we can to help alleviate the suffering of those affected by the disasters. tragic events in Ukraine”.

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