the great skill of the double F1 champion with the stick in Canada

Fernando Alonso has a future outside of Formula 1. And also outside the automotive world, depending on his skills with the stick of hockey. In Canada, where the next round of the World Cup is taking place, the double champion has shown talent for making true the expression “where he puts his eye, he puts… the pill”.

The hockey puck, because Alonso he never misses a single shot with a stick he handles perfectly. Left or right, Fernando shows that he is not just a virtuoso behind the wheel.

The video will surely have delighted not only his fans but also the Canadiansto see Alonso practice one of the most beloved sports in the North American country.

Fernando is in the best moment of the season for him. the asturian has scored points in the last three races, and the Alpine seems to have taken a step forward. Small, but forward.

After a hesitant start, Alonso recovered from bad luck, in particular to that suffered in Australia, and began to rub shoulders with the pilots of the noble zone of the plateau.

Also for make them desperate, as he did with Lewis Hamilton at the Monaco GP. Now Canada awaits, one of the most legendary events of the World Cup with the Wall of Champions awaiting the 20 riders from each of the ten competing teams.

While you speculate with your plus de possible renewal with Alpine, Alonso is now eleventh with 16 points, which could, and should, be more had it not been for the accumulation of misfortunes experienced at the start of the World Cup.

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