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The Canadian Parliament continues to function and in recent days the Conservative opposition and some supporters of the Liberal government have claimed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his authoritarianism disguised as health measures.

There’s an odd semblance of normalcy when you watch Trudeau’s parliamentary criticism and when you see thousands of truckers parked in Canada’s capital, protesting vaccine segregation, the imposition of mandatory vaccination for interprovincial traffic.

So far, Canada still looks like a democracy.

South Africa was also a democracy. In 1896, Parliament passed a law on “work passes”, which required the colored population to obtain transit permits. In 1905, he voted a law of “general regulation of passes” which abolished the right to vote for the colored population.

The country had fallen into the narrative of discrimination, the logic of which led the government to take ever more drastic measures.

In Canada, Trudeau imposed the health pass (compulsory vaccination) for interprovincial trade, separating unvaccinated truckers who live from transporting goods across its vast territory, threatening their work.

The Prime Minister, like many governments, wants to promote with the coercive force of the state the sale of vaccines which are only fifty percent effective in preventing infections, as claimed in medical studies and confirmed by ” The First Morning” from 7:30 a.m. am AM radio ABC Cardinal, Antonieta Gamarra (DINAVISA) and Tomás Mateo Balmelli, infectiologist.

In the event of a democracy, Canadians affected by measures they believe were unfair thought they had the right to express their disagreement.

And now these workers are victims of how Trudeau uses the narrative of discrimination to destroy democracy.

This is what happened in South Africa. When South Africans affected by government measures they considered unfair thought they could speak out, they were brutally repressed: On March 21, 1960, the first massacre of opponents of discrimination took place, when police murdered 69 protesters. Until June 16, 1976, when police murdered over 200 high school students in Soweto.

In Canada, Trudeau already disqualifies his detractors with the same language that Alfredo Stroessner used, or that Daniel Ortega or Nicolás Maduro use: “Marginal minority”, “a few people shouting and waving swastikas”, falsely accusing workers of to be Nazis. .

On Friday, he threatened “serious criminal and financial consequences”, “…these people must return home or face…vigorous police action”.

In Canada, our future is also at stake, but we have the advantage of seeing it in advance so as not to copy and dismiss the narrative of discrimination.

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