Zelensky says the Ukrainian army is working to recover Donbass in its entirety

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, indicated late on Sunday that the Ukrainian armed forces they won’t stop until they take over Donbass and the Russian troops cease their offensive in the country. “We continue with very complicated and delicate negotiations to save our people of Mariupol from the Azovstal steelworks,” the President of Ukraine explained in a presidential statement.

Thus, he pointed out that “the occupiers still do not want to admit that they are at an impasse and that their so-called “special operation” has already gone bankrupt.” “All this brutality of the occupiers, which Ukraine endures every day, will only lead to the fact that the surviving Russian soldiers will bring evil back to Russia, they will will give back because they are going to retireZelenskiy asserted.

Likewise, the President reiterated that he was working to ensure that countries tighten sanctions against Russia. “The priority is the oil embargo,” he said. Zelensky will address students at 63 US universities and two Canadian universities, and is expected to address Stanford University in late May and attendees of the Davos Forum.

“I am also preparing to communicate with the Ukrainian students from major universities of our country”, he stressed. In this sense, he said that he intends to extend his speeches to the Parliaments of Africa and Asia. As reported by the Ukrainian press agency Ukrinform, Zelenski on Sunday dismissed the commander of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces, Yuri Halushkin, and appointed Major General Igor Tantsiura in his place.

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