Zelenski appeals to feelings in front of the Parliament of Canada to ask for more help

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky insisted Tuesday during a virtual intervention in front of the Canadian Parliament that NATO impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine, to prevent Russian bombardments of its cities.

In an 11-minute speech, Zelensky repeatedly addressed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by name, saying it is during these difficult times that Ukraine knows “who its true friends are”.

Zelensky, dressed in the olive green shirt that has characterized him since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine 20 days ago, threw critical veils at those trying to “avoid an escalation” but at the same time not not give “a clear answer” to Ukraine’s aspiration to join NATO.

“These are desperate times, but at the same time they allow us to see who our true friends have been over the past 20 days and the past eight years,” Ukrainian president told House joint special session bass and the Senate of Canada.

Zelensky ended by emphasizing that what he is asking “isn’t much”, but “real support” to save lives “everywhere in the world”.

“Please understand how important it is for us to close the airspace to Russian missiles and planes. I hope you can understand. I hope they can redouble their efforts,” the Ukrainian president said.

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