The artist that Natalia Lacunza listens to all the time and that you can’t imagine

One of the most important days in the artistic career of Natalia Lacunza. This Friday, June 10 goes on sale it must be for mehis first EP of which he has already advanced four titles.

Therefore, this Wednesday the singer visited Special bodies where revealed to Eva Soriano and Iggy Rubin details of your new job.

The interview also allowed us to discover the most unknown facet, musically speaking, of Natalia Lacunza, which she brought to light the name of the artist you are listening to on repeat but that apparently no one would imagine.

“I hear a mallet Carla Bruni since childhood. It calms me down a lot. I’ve been listening to it since I was a dwarf because of my mother, it calms me down a lot and I love listening to the songs. It reminds me of my mother and my childhood”assured about the French singer.

Interviews with Eva Soriano and Iggy Rubín also left musical recommendations from Natalia Lacunza, in the style of Alba Reche, who suggested two other artists: 070 shake Yes Cantamarta and Rusowski.

“Someone Told Me” by Carla Bruni

‘Liit’, by Çantamarta and Rusowsky

‘Blue Velvet’ by 070 Shake

Purple Walls by 070 Shake

Listen to the full interview with Natalia Lacunza

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