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Studying abroad is the desire of many Colombians, due to the benefits it entails in terms of quality of education, language learning, as well as culturally relevant experiences.

And in that vein, The United States, Canada and Australia are among the main destinations chosen by Colombian students. The first, for its recognized experience in higher education (with some of the best universities in the world), the second for its advantages and incentives for migrants and foreign students, and the third for its quality, facilities and costs.

Despite this, successfully obtaining the respective visa that allows you to study in one of these countries can be a tedious and tedious task that can go wrong due to negligence or ignorance of the respective regulations.

Our recommendation for students is that they prepare with a minimum of 6 months to start the process from applying to the institution to starting their keys.says Andrea Palacios, CEO of study abroad agency Blue Studies.

So things, Here is what you need to consider in order to have permits to study in the United States, Canada and Australia:


Canada welcomes foreign students through its immigration programs.

In the case of Canada, for example, You should consider the type of student and program you are applying for, if you are going with your family, if you are also looking for a work permit or if it is a technical or higher program , in other aspects.

It is also essential to know that the Canadian government will request documents of your education in the country of origin with its official translation, will demonstrate that you have the economic solvency to remain in the country during the first year of stay and that you have the resources to pay for your course

In addition, you must present in a letter the reasons why it is important for the candidate to take the chosen course, explain why he will be traveling with his family, if he does, and all the details of why he has chose this country to study.

Although it depends on the type of visa and the program of study, Canada requires, in most cases, the following requirements:

– Enrollment in an accredited educational institution.

Verifiable proof of economic solvency for your living expenses during the first year of stay in the country. You must have approximately 900 CAD per month of visa for this first year of stay, which is approximately 3,100,000 Colombian pesos.

– Letter from the institution where you will take the course, confirming registration.

– Three (3) recent passport photos.

– Payment of administrative costs. It currently has a value of 150 CAD (520,000 pesos).

United States

In the case of the United States, there are also different types of visas categorized as non-migrants.

The visa types are:

the F1 visa it is used for full-time students at an accredited university or college, which awards an advanced degree.

The M1 visa it is used for professional studies. The studies are short and technical, and do not offer a university degree, only certificates. If you wish to continue your studies, you must upgrade to F1 status.

The J1 visa It is used for exchange students. The idea is to promote learning in the fields of education, arts and sciences. It can also be used by students with or without a sponsor, and these must be full-time students.

Again, depending on the type of visa, certain documents are required, but in most cases these are the most requested.

– Valid passport.

– Form DS-160 (non-immigrant visa application).

– Receipt of payment of the request.

– Passport size photo.

– Visiting student certificate or I-901 (Student and Exchange Visitor Program, SEVP, for its acronym in English).

– Proof of payment to SEVIS.


Sydney opera

In the case of Australia, applicants are recommended to have a minimum time of six months and meet the following requirements: provide confirmation of your enrollment in the course (COE) or a letter of offer issued by the training provider you have chosen. It is important that the course you enroll in is registered with the CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students) curriculum framework.

At the time of the visa application, you will have to demonstrate that the trip is indeed temporary and only to study, show that you have enough money to cover tuition, travel and accommodation. There are also cases in which a document proving knowledge of the English language is requested.

Finally, those applying for a student visa must obtain OSHC medical coverage that lasts as long as their visa. This policy is mandatory for anyone who wants to study in Australia.


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