La Nación / A man dies during a concert by The Weeknd

With a majestic concierto realized in el Lincoln Financial de Filadelfia (EEUU), que tuvo lugar el pasado jueves 14 de julio, el canadian artist The Weeknd dio inicio knew gira mundial that lleva como number “After Hours Til Dawn” (Después de horas Until dawn).

Although it seemed that the whole recital would go on as normal, unfortunately something bad happened, as on occasion a man died. According to various international media, the victim would be Hugo Sánchez, 32 years old.

According to reports, the fatal event happened when Sánchez was sitting on a railing ten meters high, where he lost his balance and eventually fell to the ground with a strong impact.

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He was quickly helped by paramedics and transferred to a nearby hospital in the city, but he did not survive, as a few hours later he lost his life as a result of the serious internal injuries he suffered. , according to what has been published by various portals.

So far, The Weeknd has not commented on the matter. However, at the same time as her tour, she is preparing for the premiere of a new drama series called “The Weeknd, The Idol”, a production by the author of the “Euphoria” series, which tells the story of a star budding. of pop who strikes up a romantic relationship with the leader of a cult.

Finally, it should be noted that following the tragic event, which managed to attract the attention of all the organizers, they are already working on strategies to strengthen security when holding this type of event .

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