Scholarships will be awarded abroad, reports Kuri – Diario de Querétaro

Within the framework of the “Querétaro Ambassadors Scholarship” initiative, 100 scholarships will be granted to students of state polytechnic and technological universities, which will allow their mobility in the United States, Canada and Germany for short stays in the fields of science, technology and sustainability issues. , Governor Mauricio Kuri informed.

Presenting the strategy in Hannover, Germany, he said 60 teachers from Querétaro will also be supported to be trained online, through a Canadian university, to obtain their English language certification.

“Querétaro has opened up to the world and the world has already met Querétaro and knows his talents and his benefits. Here we have said it very clearly, we have already had more than 3,500 jobs that we have had, closed for Querétaro”.

He pointed out that Querétaro offers a talented and skilled workforce; and with the six state universities, which means over 16,500 students, it takes the state to the next level.

In this forum, the rector of the Polytechnic University of Santa Rosa Jáuregui, Christian Reyes Méndez, on behalf of the Secretary of Education, Martha Elena Soto Obregón, explained that this program will allow the mobility of students from Querétaro, belonging to the member of the Consortium Universities as part of the Higher Education Internationalization Strategy must contribute to the progress and development of the entity.

“Governor and Secretary Martha Soto are launching this initiative called Becas Embajadores, which will allow the mobility of 100 students from polytechnic and technological schools in the state of Querétaro to the United States, Canada and here in Germany for short stays in the regions of science and technology and for sustainability issues as well,” he explained.

With this, he stressed, Querétaro will become a state with global citizens capable of boosting the economy of their communities through the promotion of more peaceful, tolerant, inclusive and competitive societies in multicultural environments.

In the press release, it is reported that the presentation was attended by the Chief of Staff, Rogelio Vega Vázquez Mellado; the governor’s private secretary, Josué Guerreo Trápala; the rector of the Technological University of Querétaro, José Carlos Arredondo Velázquez; the rector of the Polytechnic University of Querétaro, Carlos Antonio Contreras López and the authorities of the German education sector.

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