China names a package from Canada as the suspected cause of ómicron arriving at its borders

The planet is always centered overcoming the devastating coronavirus pandemic which began with the first infections in December 2019, was declared in March 2020 and is still present in January 2022, with over 328.4 million reported global infections, 5.54 million deaths from to the virus and more than 9.6 billion doses of the vaccine administered.

Countries like the UK and Israel have adopted reduce quarantines of people infected at five days, a criterion that has already been followed in many countries on the planet and which is becoming more and more general, since the previous ones have contributed to greater stress for those infected, and such a lapse of Either time wasn’t necessary.

On the other hand, countries like Austria will impose compulsory vaccination from the beginning of February 2022. The United States distributes free tests to its population with infection levels at record highs, and in Brazil memories are made to the victims of the pandemic with original models in the streets of their cities.

China accuses Canada of omicron

From China, he was again charged against a foreign country due to the pandemic. In this case, it was against Canada, ensuring that a package of From there, this allowed the ómicron variant to reach Chinese territory and spread, generating a slew of cases in the city, which was not well received by Canadians.

China remains willing to control the pandemic in any way. He came to confine people infected with the coronavirus in cabins, as if they were cells in a concentration camp treated, forbidding them to leave until they are cured and eventually test negative on the relevant tests.

Meanwhile, they keep denying any form of involvement in the pandemic and they continue to suppress the press with all kinds of harassment, to the point that they even imprisoned journalists who covered the coronavirus outbreaks in China itself and whom the regime did not want to get out in the international press.

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