SAES at Cansec, Canada’s largest defense and security trade show

Since its first edition in 1998, it has become the benchmark trade show for defense and security in Canada. The event, organized by the Canadian Association of Defense and Security Industries (CADSI), this year brings together 306 exhibitors, 825 business-to-business meetings, with the participation of 55 international delegations and the assistance of senior officials from the Canadian government and other passes.

In collaboration with MKDS Training, SAES presents at Cansec the capabilities of the MINEA system, a modern high-capacity system for detecting and processing the multi-influence signature signal.

SAES MINEA marine mines are the most advanced smart marine mines manufactured today. They are used in MCM (mine countermeasures) ship’s crew training exercises to further mine hunting and neutralization techniques.

SAES offers three versions of MINEA specially designed for use in coastal and deep waters: the orine mine, the low profile mine and the cylindrical bottom mine. They provide MCM crews with a training experience that enables them to successfully conduct countermine operations at sea.

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