María Emilia, of the Golden Triplets, told about the state of health of her son, polo player Clemente Zavaleta

Maria Emilia and Clemente Zavaleta

Two and a half months ago, polo player Clemente Zavaleta, son of María Emilia Fernández Rousse, one of the gold triplets, was playing in Palm Beach when he collided with one of the members of the rival team and fell off his horse. . He had to be immediately hospitalized and a few hours later his mother was already on American soil to accompany him.

“A clot in the head with a brainstem injury, while bleeding was detected in a lung and the fracture of several ribs”, says the first part. Day after day, always accompanied by his family and colleagues, a corkscrew, as they affectionately call it, was improving. At the end of April, he left the intensive care unit where he had been hospitalized since day one and a few days later he was transferred to a rehabilitation center.

“He is fine”, said Mary Emily in dialogue with TV show then, although he didn’t give too many details, he confirmed that the 36-year-old polo player “he is undergoing rehabilitation”while thanking the press as he did from the first moment for their concern.

Clement Zavaleta
Clement Zavaleta

Who was the host of shows like mickey’s club He had traveled to Miami the day after the crash and a few weeks later was joined by his sisters María Eugenia and María Laura and his mother, Coca. “There is my other third“he had confided in a video that he had published on his networks once they were all reunited, already much more contained.

The accident happened in mid-March when Clemente was playing for Canadian Frederick Mannix’s team, called Happinesswith the Argentinians Augustin Merlos Yes John Bollini in a duel against Catmount (integrated into Pablo Pieres, Ignacio Novillo Astrada, Victorino Ruiz Jorba Yes Scott Devon).

Son of Maria Emilia and Clement Zabaletawho was also a polo player and works as a manager in the Alegría organization, based in Buenos Aires and in the North American country, the young man has two sisters: Emily and Sonya. He is married to the French Isabelle Strom, granddaughter of French tycoon Robert Zellinger de Balkany and is the father of five-year-old Olimpia and four-year-old Assia Eugénie.

In addition to his mother and aunts, he was his friend and colleague Polito Pieres is one of the promoters of the many prayer chains held for his healing. “Force Corchi” and “Let’s go Corchito all with you”, were some of the messages he shared from the door of the clinic where the athlete was hospitalized. Soon, comments and prayers multiplied around the world.

United as always, since they were little, on more than one occasion the triplets used their networks to refer to these demonstrations: “Thank you for the thousands of messages that reach us through all contact channels. Love and good energy are very much felt. Faith, along with love, are the most powerful forces in the world. And whatever religion is practiced or believed: they help, heal and work miracles. Let’s continue to pray, each to his own God, for the Corchito. Thank you all”.


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