President Boric wants Canadian companies in Chile to meet the standards that would be imposed on them in his country

During the meeting with President Gabriel Boric, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau avoided referring to his assessment of Chile as a trading partner and the uncertainty that Canadian mining companies with operations on national soil concerning the deconfinement process. the new Constitution that the country is experiencing. However, the highest authority of the North American nation has stressed the need for economic growth that respects the environment and that the development of states does not exclude anyone.

“The world is changing and we need to make sure that everyone, as governments, leaders, leaders, that our institutions and our democracies can keep up with the changes that are happening, and one of the most important is to recognize the fight against change change,” Trudeau commented with the President of Chile, Gabriel Boric, and as part of the national president’s international tour across North America.

The Prime Minister of Canada has called for ensuring that “economic growth benefits everyone, including women and Indigenous peoples. (…) It is important from a moral point of view, but it is also important from a practical point of view”.

In this sense, Trudeau added that “you cannot develop a resilient and strong economy in the 21st century unless you have to protect the environment at the same time”.

The North American country’s highest authority ended her message by saying that including the excluded “is the only way to build a strong future and a strong country, and that’s what we in Canada have been doing for the past few years.”

Regarding the local constitutional process and the effects for Canada and its companies in Chile, Trudeau limited himself to saying that: “Obviously this is a decision of the Chilean people, they have important democratic processes underway. .

The President of Chile, Gabriel Boric, highlighted the economic relationship with Canada and said that companies from this country will continue to play a role on national soil.

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“With Canada, we have an agreement 25 years ago, which we want to continue to deepen, and where Canadian companies will continue to work and generate value in our country,” said the president, who said that his relationship with that nation was that of “partners and friends”.

However, Boric stressed that Canadian companies in Chile, including mining companies, must comply as if they were operating in their home country.

“And we told the Prime Minister that we hope that (businesses) will operate according to Canadian standards, because what they demand in Canada, we also want to demand in Chile, we want to raise environmental standards, generate growth and inclusive development,” said Boric. .to its North American counterpart.

In this sense, the Chilean President called on the rest of the countries of the continent to join in the protection of the oceans and hopes that “inclusive growth extends to the other countries of the region (…) to have a model of sustainable development development is about protecting life in our countries, and this is true both in Canada and in Chile”.

President Boric also thanked Trudeau for “the investment opportunities available to us in Canada.”

The Chilean President had a lunch organized by the Canadian Council for the Americas, with CEOs of Canadian companies operating in our country. Boric said there was a commitment to providing clear rules.

“We are committed in our country to providing clear, transparent and reliable investment rules, as we have done consistently over the past decades. And I want us to improve on that…we actively coordinate our industrial policy, so that the programs, incentives, requirements and framework provided by the state align with partner countries like Canada and the needs of investors,” said Gabriel Boric in Canada.

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