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The majority of Canadians want Canada to stop being a monarchy, according to a poll published this Thursday (21.04.2022) which indicates that 51% of those who took part in the poll are in favor of abandoning the current political system. and only 26% want to keep it.

The results of the survey conducted by the Angus Reid Institute – one of the country’s leading polling firms – represent a bittersweet birthday present for Queen Elizabeth II of England, who turned 96 on Thursday.

Queen Elizabeth is nominally Canada’s head of state, although her duties are carried out by the country’s Governor General, currently Mary Simon, who acts as the representative of the British monarch.

According to the survey of Angus Reid, conducted between April 5 and 7 with interviews with 1,607 Canadians and which has a margin of error of 2.5%, only 26% of the population wish to maintain the constitutional monarchy in the future. 24% answered that they were not sure of their position.

Additionally, 50% said the British Royal Family has no relevant role in Canada and only 2% said it is more relevant than ever.

The survey also confirmed that residents of the French-speaking province of Quebec – which was originally a French colony – are the most opposed to the constitutional monarchy: 71% were against the current system, while only 11% said in his favour. the monarchy.

Regarding members of the British royal family, 63% of those polled agreed to have a favorable opinion of Queen Elizabeth and 60% of Prince William, but the rest of the members of the royal family were disapproving, with Prince Andrew having received the worst. rating: only 13% support.

In this sense, a large majority of those who participated in the poll expressed their opposition to the recognition of Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, as monarchs of Canada upon the death of Queen Elizabeth.

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