NBA Finals: Golden State attacks Boston and is only one game away from its seventh ring

Golden State was one game away from its seventh ring. The San Francisco box overwhelmed Boston with a score of 104-94. Second consecutive victory which allows him to put 3 games to two. Game 6 will be played at the Celtics’ home next Thursday.

If in the fourth game Warriors had found intensity, in the fifth it did not confirm it. Because in the first minutes, the Californian quintet overwhelmed those of Massachusetts who could not find the answers at the start. It was only at the end of those opening 12 minutes that Ime Udoka’s side managed to stem the bleeding a bit as the hosts came away with a 27-16 lead.

In the second act, Boston was able to follow its rival, but the shot did not even come. So much so that after 12 triple attempts, they left empty-handed. On top of that, turnovers were again a nightmare, after finishing with 9 in that first half.

Despite everything, the team of Stephen Curry and his new partner, the Canadian Andrew Wiggins (16 points and 7 rebounds in the first two quarters) failed to come off. Despite this, he left with a comfortable lead of 12 points before half-time: 51-39.

But Boston reacted in the third, their fourth screwed up in the series. With enough energy to achieve a partial 10-0 before the two minutes. An advantage that allowed him to reach the mark of 19-6 at halftime to go ahead for the first time in the duel.

Warriors He felt the blow and fought. Despite a loss of 11 units in this third act, he still won at the start of the epilogue: 75-74, after a brilliant last-second hat-trick from Jordan Poole.

Still, the California cast had no intention of leaving without a win. He returned to the intensity of the start of the match took a 10-0 difference in the last quarter, to leave the partial 85-74. Then Steve Kerr’s coaches took control until the epilogue, thanks in particular to the slump of Boston star Jeyson Tatum, who scored only one field goal in the fourth quarter.

So the San Francisco quintet kept the momentum going and won Game 5 104-94 and exited the series 3-2 in their favor. The sixth game will be played Thursday, at the Celtics, at 9:00 p.m. in Chile.

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