Pilots, supporters of sanctioning those who cause yellow flags in the classification

Alonso’s exit from the track in the first quarter sparked an interesting debate

From Canada, those who play with the picaresque can have their times eliminated

Alonso entered the loophole late in Q1 and was accused by Alex Albon of doing so on purpose, to prevent his rivals from improving their times. This event led the FIA ​​to consider penalizing drivers who cause yellow flags, especially on street circuits.

Fernando’s incident was not formally investigated but, according to US website Motorsport.com, the stewards conducted an informal inquiry, involving Alan Permane, Otmar Szafnauer and Fernando Alonso. Although the Spaniard received no penalty, the debate that took place made the FIA ​​think about a solution.

Marshals have the power to cancel times if drivers leave the track without justified reason. Race Direction may refer to the new policy in the Canadian GP notes or in this Friday’s briefing.

Alonso agrees with the introduction of penalties.

“Yes, I think so. There will always be difficulties, like in the Baku race, if you have an accident in a corner or if you park, there was a Haas parked at turn 15. If you park here or ten meters after that maybe a safety car will come out depends on whether you position the car well or not. So we penalize the Haas driver because he took the worst option? We have to be careful about the way we do these things. I agree, especially in qualifying it should be different,” said Fernando Alonso.

Lando Norris also misses this type of action being regulated. “I think there’s a difference between people who do it by accident and people who do it to get out of the way of people and not cause blue flags and when you qualify against a driver who has it obviously done on purpose. Do you think I wish there was a rule,” shared.

His partner believes that a good solution would be to eliminate the offending driver’s time. “If it’s just a little block or a leak then I think if you caused it they should penalize it or something. Maybe removing the time could be a good way,” said Ricciardo.

“The conviction with which Fernando spoke was impressive. I mean, experience gives you that. That’s why I like it. We all play, it’s tactics and strategy, but when things as Fernando happened, maybe knocking out towers can be the way to go,” he added.

Esteban Ocon is also in favor of it. “In Monaco and Baku I had it and people would probably be more careful if they were penalized. It would be less easy to risk and run away. I would definitely be in favor of street circuits.

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