Morena will reverse victories of members of Congress who won ‘the wrong way’

After the National Congress elections in Morena this weekend, the leader of the party, Mario Slim, He warned that the legality of their election would be reviewed and if it was found that they had engaged in illegal practices of electoral coercion, their victory would be overturned.

“It will not be allowed for there to be directors who have won the wrong way if there were buy vote and take away »said in press conference this Monday.

He explained that more than 3 million people stood to participate in the election of members of Congress, who renewed their membership in the party or joined it for the first time.

The Morenista leader acknowledged that there were “incidents” during the election, but assured that they were isolated events motivated by “provocateurs” and people outside the party; overall, he said, there was “an exemplary civic exercise”.

“Those who did this are not morenistas, because it acts against Morena and it would give meat to the opposition. There are people who have nothing to do with the movement because it goes against what the statutes themselves say and it is playing the game of law, ”he argued.

He explained that there were 553 voting centers installed throughout the country, of which, in 19 points, participation in voting had to be suspended. Puebla, Oaxaca, Guerrero, Chiapas, Baja California, Edomex, Jalisco, Durango and Guanajuato.

He added that he is being assessed to cancel the vote in 5 constituencies and replace it in one or two weekends.

Delgado said 42,583 congressional candidates were registered. He added that with the National Honesty and Justice Commission, the legality of electing 3,000 members of Congress is being reviewed.

He announced that this week the results will be announced.

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