Jobs in Canada for Colombians

Canada is one of the most recognized countries for providing employment opportunities to migrants. It is also one of the places with the highest quality of life, due to its economic excellence and security levels. One of the most important provinces of the country, Quebec, opened the Call for Latin America, which offers employment opportunities to foreign citizens of seven countries, including Colombia.

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Natalia Perea, an influencer and content creator who is dedicated to telling people how to live and study in Canada, broke the news to her followers and explained the details of the offer. He also assured that those interested in vacancies will be able to apply from October. To access the jobs, there is no specific language requirement, but French must be learned at a basic level. Moreover, the application is free.

The countries that can participate in the offer are: Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador and El Salvador. Calls repeatedly have a translator in the interviews for people who speak Spanish, and they translate into French.

Ultimately, The sectors to which it can be applied are: manufacturing and machining (civil engineering, electrical and automation), carpentry, carpentry and building distribution, health and social services, information technology and food processing.

Other job offers in Canada

Jobs in Canada are paid with large sums of money. In another one of her videos, the influencer asked her followers how much they earn for what they do in their country, and compared it to what people would earn if they worked in Canada.

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An engineer earns around 67,000 Canadian dollars per year, which is equivalent to more than 202 million pesos. A dentist can receive 175 Canadian dollars, or just over 529 million pesos, and a mechanic would earn, according to the content creator, 32.20 Canadian dollars per hour, or 96,000 Colombian pesos.

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