How much does an engineer, dentist, driver and doctor earn in Canada

If you are planning to move to Canada to seek better job opportunities, you will surely be interested to know what are the best paying jobsas well as the wages received by the workers who work in the popular trades of our country.

One of the key facts when talking about employability abroad; in this case Canada is that the possibility of finding a good job will not be affected by your country of origin. All you have to do is meet certain requirements to practice your profession normally.

Also, it is important that you master at least one of the official languages ​​of this country (English or French)since it is one of the main requirements to practice any profession.

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According to Natalia Pereacreator of content specializing in employability and opportunities in Canada, academic, technical and trades careers are valued and well paid by companies in this country.

The ‘influencer’ posted a list with the salaries they receive annual or hourly workers with common professions in Colombia such as engineers, economists, doctors and cooks.

Professional Salaries in Canada

  • Engineers: CAD 67,000 per year
  • Dentists: CAD 175,700 per year
  • Economists: CAD 88,600 per year
  • Veterinarians: CAD 101,000 per year
  • Designers: CAD 60,000 per year
  • Doctors: CAD 252,000 per year

Values ​​are expressed in Canadian dollars, which at today’s exchange rate is equivalent to 3,025 Colombian pesos. So, for example, an engineer can earn just over 202 million pesos a year.

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In the case of workers who usually receive remuneration by the hour worked, the profile that receives the best salary is that of a physiotherapist, who can earn a figure close to 130 thousand pesos for 60 minutes of work.

  • Mechanical: 32 per hour
  • Drivers: CAD 24 per hour
  • Cooks: CAD 18 per hour
  • Physiotherapist: 43 CAD per hour
  • Administrative assistants: CAD 17 per hour

According to the content creator, certain professions must be approved with studies in this country to practice (especially those in the health field). However, almost all of them can be validated.

Moreover, he clarified that taxes must be deducted from wages. The more you earn, the more you pay. It depends a lot on the province, family situation, etc.

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