He is Argentinian, lives in Canada and went viral after comparing the holidays of the two countries: “Here it is frowned upon not to work”

Sebastien Stolkiners is a young Argentinian who has gone viral in recent hours following a post he shared on his Twitter account, where he differentiated between vacationing in our country versus Canada. After viralization, the 19 year oldcurrently living in Toronto, He provided more details about his life there. “The differences are remarkable,” he revealed of the day-to-day work between the two locations.

In Canada, we only have six public holidays a year: New Year, Good Friday, Canada Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. In Argentina there are 19. That’s why the country is the way it is“, he was the tweet he wrote on April 17 and this led to a debate that remains active to this day.

In relation to this subject, and in dialogue with the NATIONSebastián assured that the repercussion took him by surprise and referred to the cultural differences that exist between Argentina and Canada, a place that welcomed him more than a year ago after receiving a scholarship for attend his studies focused on finance at the University of Torontoshortly after graduating from high school at Colegio ORT.

The tweet that has gone viral in recent days, regarding holidays in Argentina and CanadaCapture and

“People like to work because they earn well and there are good salaries. Everyone thinks that vacations are free, but no, they have to be paid for. If there were fewer, there would be higher wages because companies know they are losing productivity. It’s not free not to go to work for a day, in a way you pay”, he complained. “The Argentine worker is less productive than those of other countries. GDP per capita in Canada is higher”he pointed.

According Stolkiners, everything is linked to the different visions that exist on work in the two countries. “In Argentina many work informally, here it is completely different. You work, you have your salary and the minimum wage allows you to live well. There is a very big cultural difference. Anyone who doesn’t work is frowned upon here,” he said.

On the other hand, he maintained that he had made a comparison between Argentine and Canadian holidays, and that the figure completely amazed him. “If you add the provincial holidays in Argentina, the count reaches much more… I fall short. Here they normally work eight hours a day for five days and rest on weekends. The culture of adding holidays affects the economy, but that’s not the only problem, there are others that add to the existing political, economic and social crisis. I consider it something that graphically expresses why the country is the way it is.he explained.

Sebastián left to live in Toronto on August 28, 2021 and it was with this photo that he announced the news on Twitter
Sebastián left to live in Toronto on August 28, 2021 and it was with this photo that he announced the news on TwitterTwitter screenshot

On the differences between his country of birth and the one he lives in today, he argued that “there are two antagonistic models”. In this sense, he compares: “Here, there is no insecurity and there is no economic instability either. The differences are very clear, go out to the street at any time and nothing will happen to you, even the possibility of saving. People here don’t know the exchange rate with the dollar, and in Argentina there are few people who don’t know it”.

According to his own opinion, “The economic conflict in Argentina is the fault of decades of bad policies that failed”. Starting from this sentence, he enumerated: “The interventionism of the State, the emission of currency to finance public expenditure, taxes… There is something which works badly and something which is endemic. The problem, ultimately, is the budget deficit. Today Argentina is an unproductive country”.

In this sense, Stolkiners underlined the various political parties in Canada and assured that they all have a common goal.

Sebastián Stolkiner, who has lived in Canada for more than a year, said that unlike Argentina, all political groups have a common goal
Sebastián Stolkiner, who has lived in Canada for more than a year, said that unlike Argentina, all political groups have a common goalSebastien Stolkiner

“There is a lot of stability here. All parties, unlike Argentina, have common plans for the future. In Argentina we win and they change everything. Everyone here believes in capitalism, there are leftist parties that are capitalist but maybe with more state intervention. However, they all have a specific purpose,” he stressed.

Finally, he argued that although the scholarship he received is only for four years, His plan is to continue to focus on his career and pursue his professional career in this country.

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