Félix Auger-Aliassime avoids comparisons with the Big Three

Since his arrival on the circuit, Félix Auger-Aliassime seemed destined for the glory of tennis. It took some time for the Canadian to adjust to his own expectations and those of others which began to weigh on his shoulders. In this year 2022, he finally got to know what it is to be champion, but he has had his ups and downs in important tournaments, but he considers that he is on the right track.

“It’s been very positive, a good season. I was able to achieve some of my goals this year. The first weeks were very good, then I had complicated weeks, ups and downs, which is normal in a season, it’s not always perfect. Going forward I will try to be more and more consistent with my results, it’s something I want to do, but it will require precision in what I do, precision in my game.” said the world number 9 player in a talk with MILLENNIUMPastime.

The weight of being in the Top 10

In just over four years on the circuit, Felix went from being one of the main challengers to a consolidated top 10. His role as favorite has changed his style of play and also brought him more pressure in the face of matches. Auger-Aliassime prefers to take the positive side of this situation and remembers that she was one of his targets not so long ago.

“It’s a different position, but I like being in this position, where I’m the one who should win more games, or at least I’m supposed to win more games than I lose. It’s a good position I can be in. Ultimately, you work to be in that position one day, so I’m happy to be able to be in the top 10 and to be a player that people expect to win.”commented.

Heir to the Big 3?

With the generation change fast approaching, or at least the twilight of the careers of Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer, the Canadian is part of a range that could dominate tennis for years to come. While this may put additional pressure on Felix, he also reveals that he never tried to compare himself to living tennis legends.

I have no control over this. These players had great careers, it’s hard to replicate what they did. I don’t focus on that, I try to focus on myself, what I can do, what I can improve, what I control and that’s it. I don’t have to put pressure on myself by trying to do what other players have done or comparing myself to what other generations or players of my generation. Auger-Aliassime added.

Felix Auger-Aliassime

Although he could pass for one of the experienced players on the circuit, since he has been there for several seasons, Félix has not exceeded the 22-year-old mark. His immediate goal remains the same as the one he intends to establish for the rest of his career: “I will focus on improving tennis, how I see the game, how I can win matchesit’s what improves your game and improves your ranking and takes you wherever you want,” he shared.

The desire to improve

Felix now works closely with Toni Nadal, former coach and uncle of the greatest Grand Slam winner in history, something he hopes can give him what he needs to stay in the tennis elite. “The reason I wanted to work with Toni was because I wanted someone who could tell me what I could improve on, from whom I can learn from their experience. “said the Canadian.

Auger-Aliassime isn’t happy with what he’s achieved so far, but he doesn’t regret the way he’s managed his career either. “When you’re 17, 18, 19, you try to do the best you can with what you have, so I have no regrets. I always did my best, I stayed close to myself, to my values.

Felix Auger-Aliassime at the Los Cabos Open

A five-set battle with Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros, another five-set battle with Daniil Medvedev in Australia and a big duel against Novak Djokovic in Rome showed he was among the best in the world. Consistency is his main challenge, but the good news is that he seems to have plenty of time left..


“At the end of the day, I’m happy to be able to be in the top 10 and to be a player that people expect to win”

“I don’t have to put pressure on myself to try to do what other players have done or compare myself”

Felix Auger-Aliassime

Tennis player


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