At least eight deaths and thousands without power due to storm are reported in Toronto, Ottawa, Ontario and Quebec

The authorities of Canada They confirmed this Sunday that at least eight people died in the country due to the storm of more than 132 kilometers per hour that occurred on Saturday.

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Storm damage has led cities to uxbridgein the north of TorontoYes Clarence Rocklandto the east of Ottawato declare a state of emergency, while hundreds of thousands of people in Ontario Yes Quebec Still without electricity, the park’s emergency teams are working to restore services.

For their part, electricity providers have warned that some customers could take days to recover power.

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“Between the trees, the branches, the broken poles and the fallen cables, it’s really a very, very complicated cleaning,” said the spokeswoman for Hydro One, Rose Tiziana Baccega.

Environment Canada‘ updated this Sunday afternoon its forecast for parts of Quebecsevere thunderstorm warning.


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