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Between January 5 and 6, 2021, the date of the assault on the capital, Trump follows the altercations on the conservative Fox News network and, instead of listening to his advisers and mobilizing law enforcement, he calls his lawyer, Rudy Giulani, and to the senators who were there to urge them to delay the certification of the election results.

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Meanwhile, he had conversations with his bodyguards, messages that were deleted and plunged his secret service into a national scandal.

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The committee investigating the assault on the Capitol expected to receive a series of text messages from Secret Service agents that they could have offered more details about the former president’s performance, but he only received one.

The rest were removed as part of a previously planned system migration and, depending on the medium, cannot be recovered.

This Thursday, we learned that the Department of Homeland Security had launched a criminal investigation into this elimination and had asked the Secret Service to stop theirs so that there would be no interference.

Hearing of the committee investigating the assault on the Capitol presenting documents against Trump.

The previous hearings had served to determine the links between the former president and his inner circle with the supremacist groups leading the protest and influence that Trump’s inner circle repeatedly pointed out to him that his theory of stealing elections was unfounded.

Committee criticizes Trump for deliberate passivity


Former United States President Donald Trump.


Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images/AFP

For the committee, all the information analyzed provides a clear example of the relinquishment of power by the former president, who had published a tweet to criticize the fact that his vice-president, Mike Pence, refused to annul the election, and two to ask the protesters They were peaceful and obeyed the law.

Trump refused to use the word peace and it was his daughter who convinced him to use this other formula.

The president was then in the White House, having failed to convince his drivers to take him to the Capitol, as told on June 28 a key witness in this political investigation, Cassidy Hutchinson, assistant to the presidential chief of staff of the time. Mark Meadows.

If he had appeared, according to a security guard, he would have ceased to be a public demonstration and had become “something more”.

“I don’t know if you want to use the word insurrection, coup or whatever,” he told the committee.

The two main witnesses on Thursday were Matthew Pottinger, aide to the Trump administration’s national security adviser, and then-deputy White House spokeswoman Sarah Matthews, who resigned after the assault, deeming her ” indefensible”.

If Trump had wanted to address the nation quickly, according to Matthews, he could have done so in less than a minute.

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