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Canadian authorities are increasing pressure on anti-vaccine and radical groups who have blocked downtown Ottawa for six days to stop their protests, a day after the city’s police chief warned that an intervention by the army might be needed. .

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, today took on the frustration of the people of Ottawa. “They deserve to go back to their normal lives,” he told a news conference.

Trudeau also criticized leaders of the Conservative Party, the main opposition group in parliament, for supporting the protesters.

“This is a moment of responsible leadership from all politicians of all factions to tell protesters that it’s time for life in Ottawa to return to normal,” the Canadian Prime Minister said.

The protests, which began with a demand for anti-vaccine truckers, drew thousands of people from the anti-vaccine movement and radical groups to Ottawa over the weekend, demonstrating outside the Canadian Parliament.

Some groups have signaled that they will not leave Ottawa until Canadian authorities lift all restrictions and measures imposed to contain the pandemic, constantly honking trucks blocking streets near Parliament day and night.

Yesterday, Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly warned the situation was beyond police capacity and noted that military intervention may be required.

“This protest has been intolerable, unprecedented. The number of illegal, dangerous and unacceptable activities is beyond the capacity to enumerate,” Sloly added.

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson called on Twitter the support anti-vaccine protesters have received from prominent members of the Conservative Party “an absolute disgrace” by promoting “this unlawful action causing stress and hardship to residents”.

The inconvenience, and in some cases harassment and threats, that Ottawa residents face from anti-vaxxers has prompted some citizens to stage counter-protests.

Meanwhile, Toronto Mayor John Tory said Thursday that Canada’s largest city is bracing for threats from the anti-vaccine movement to spark a similar protest downtown this weekend.

Tory said he will do everything possible to prevent the images of Ottawa from being repeated and warned that protesters will not be able to block access to the regional parliament, as anti-vaccines have threatened, because the building is located in an area where a large number of people are concentrated number of hospitals.

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