Canada and Others Call for Suspension of Russia’s Interpol Membership | Politics | America Edition

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Thursday that Canada and other countries have requested the suspension of Russia’s membership in Interpol, the International Criminal Police Organization, of which 195 countries are members, due to the invasion of Ukraine.

Trudeau defended the move because “international cooperation in legal matters depends on collective commitment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and mutual respect among Interpol members.”

Canada was one of the first countries to publicly call for the expulsion of Russian financial institutions from the SWIFT banking payment system soon after the start of the Ukrainian invasion, a move that sent the ruble plummeting in currency markets.

The Canadian Prime Minister added today at a press conference that the international community must do everything possible to make Russian President Vladimir Putin realize the “terrible mistake” he has made and that they will “pay” for him like the Russian people.

Russia’s suspension from Interpol was originally requested by Ukraine after the Russian invasion, which began eight days ago and left hundreds dead and a million refugees.

Canada recently banned Russian airlines and planes from flying in its airspace and closed its territorial waters to Russian ships and fishing vessels.

Today, Ottawa announced the imposition of 35% tariffs on Russian imports and the shipment of thousands of anti-tank missile launchers for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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