AMLO to Va por México legislators

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador warned deputies and senators of the alliance go to mexico that, if they do not want to legislate, they must not charge, after the leaders of the PRI, PAN and PRD announced that they would reject any constitutional reforms proposed by the Federal President.

In a lecture, he stressed that the application of a moratorium would only harm the people.

“Let them not go if they are not going to legislate, let them not go to the Chamber of Deputies, to the Senate, nothing more than not getting paid, asking for a license. They say they won’t approve anything,” he said.

On Friday, after five days of elections in six states to renew the governors – in which Morena won four states and the opposition two – the national leaders of the PRI, PAN and PRD agreed to establish “a moratorium constitutional”, which means that they will close the door to any possible modification of the Constitution.

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They argued that the first reform they would reject would be that of electoral matters, with which the López Obrador government proposes changes to the National Electoral Institute (INE) and reduces the number of federal deputies and senators, among other points .

This morning, López Obrador reminded them that the executive has the power to present reform initiatives.

Morena and his allies represent the first political force in the chambersbut they need at least part of the opposition parties to approve the changes to the Constitution, which require two-thirds of the votes.

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