AMLO Insisted It Won’t Give In To The U.S. And Canada: ‘Oil And Power Sovereignty Is Not Negotiable’

AMLO thanked sending doctors to the Cuban dictatorship (Video: Twitter/@lopezobrador_)

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) thanked the dictatorship of Cubaled by Miguel Díaz-Canel, for having sent doctors in mexico so that they accompany in the most remote areas of the country within the framework of the program IMSS well-being.

On his official Twitter account, the Mexican president thanked the Cuban dictatorship for make it possible for doctors and specialists in different fields of health join the public health service, for the moment in Nayarit, but announced that it will be replicated in the rest of the territory.

Likewise, recognized some progress he had during his visit to the entity governed by Miguel Ángel Navarro Quintero.

“We have completed a three day tour of Nayarit; we are nearly 100 doctors and specialists. It will be so throughout the country. We thank the Cuban people and government for their support”, was the message he shared with the recording of more than four minutes.

AMLO visited Nayarit (Photo: Twitter/JesusRCuevas)

However, that wasn’t the only one he touched on in the video the president shared, as he also talked about the consultation tabled by the governments of the United States and Canada against Mexico for alleged violations of the Free Trade Agreement (T-MEC) between the nations.

According to the man from Tabasco, the “annoyance” of neighboring nations was in response to the fact that businesses are angry for his administration’s decision that hydroelectric plants supply power to the Federal Electricity Commission; and claimed that they will not yield in respect of national sovereignty, because “patriotism cannot be negotiated”.

“We are finishing a tour of Nayarit, starting Friday, and we are done. In the background is the glass of the hydroelectric dam ‘El Cajón’, these hydroelectric plants were underutilized because they did not want the Federal Electricity Commission to produce energy, hydroelectric plants did not turbine“, he explained.

However, he stressed that the “greatest courage” has not foreign businessmen or the US or Canadian governments, but rather, It’s a feeling of the Mexican “conservatives”whom he accused of “not losing the talent” to submit to interests outside Mexico.

“(The Conservatives) always, always act like traitors to the country and even more now that they are very upset because they no longer have the right to fly”

AMLO shared a video on their social networks (Photo: Twitter/@lopezobrador_)
AMLO shared a video on their social networks (Photo: Twitter/@lopezobrador_)

Ultimately, López Obrador announced that he has followed the social development works in the entityespecially in the field of roads and transport, as well as education, because I anticipate that in addition to the question of foreign doctors, he also went to supervise the progress of the work.

At first he explained that kilometers of paved roads have increased in the region, since previously it only reached the El Cajón dam in the area; however, now thanks to public and federal investments, the section for the movement of cars has been lengthened in order to facilitate the mobility of the population.

“We do justice because the paved road has reached the dam, but already to the communities of the Sierra de Nayarit, the limits of Nayarit in the sierra with Jalisco, with Zacatecas, with Durango, totally isolated indigenous communities, so now we are make these roads”

Also, he announced that The university of the Huichol community is already operationalwith which it is planned to accompany young people in the pursuit of their academic training.


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