Workers in Canada earn up to $25 an hour

The Minister of Labor explained that next week another contingent is leaving for Canada and that people from the 14 departments of the country are leaving; there are about 100 workers who will travel.

Salvadorans working in Canada enjoy competitive salary conditions, according to data provided by the government of El Salvador.

According to Labor Minister Rolando Castro, workers already working in Canadian companies “are happy” with the wages they receive for their services.

“Our contingent that has just left and is already working is happy, they earn around $18 to $20 an hour and, apart from that, some work overtime, which means that they sometimes earn close to $25 $ per hour”, explained the official this Tuesday, during an event during which the institution received CVs from Salvadorans wishing to work in Canada.

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Castro added that the compatriots who work in the North American country are ready to rotate in the companies that hired them and some even work at night, because they enjoy better salary conditions.

The government’s interest in sending “thousands” of Salvadorans to work abroad contrasts with the official rhetoric that in El Salvador the standard of living is better, that there is economic growth, better security, better health and better education; however, thousands of Salvadorans attend these calls to seek better opportunities, especially economic ones.

Canada is said to be one of the employment destinations for dozens of Salvadorans. Photo EDH/ Menly Cortez

The day of this Tuesday was to recruit candidates who meet the profiles that employers request and this July 6 will begin the process of selecting those who meet the requirements, to then call the elected officials and start with the other phases . There are 300 places available in this call.

Castro explained that next week another contingent will leave for Canada and that people from the 14 departments will leave so that the whole country is represented; there are about 100 workers who will travel.

Employment opportunities in Canada are not new, since in previous governments the embassy of this country maintained agreements to receive Salvadoran workers for temporary jobs, for example in the catering and service sector.

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The Minister also clarified that, although there are profiles that adapt to the positions requested, the people who do not meet the requirements of said jobs, the Ministry will leave them in the database for other jobs that will come out more late ; “It’s not that they are dismissed,” he assured.

In addition, he indicated that another call for applications in the field of construction is coming, without however specifying the date.

He also said that the labor migration program is being extended to more countries, but that they are interested in making it a “circular” dynamic, that is, Salvadorans returning to the country. “We are not interested in people staying, but rather in people leaving, coming back and leaving. That the family circle is not broken,” the official said.

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