Two Canadian tourists die in Isla Mujeres after being hit by a boat

Two Canadian tourists lost their lives on Friday after a boat caught them about 8 nautical miles from Isla Mujeres.

The events occurred this Friday in the area where the ship “Cañonero C-55” is sunk, located about 7.5 nautical miles from Isla Mujeres when the two foreigners, coming up from their first dive, were surprised by the Scuba III ship “Mr. Tom” with license plate 23012999248, which nearly crushed them.

The two people were rescued, but one lost his life on the spot, while the second died a few minutes later on board the boat in which the service was offered.

The State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) keeps the boat insured and also keeps the boat captain “M. TO M”.

The captain of the boat “Scualo Aventures”, which offered the service to the foreign couple, assured that the divers had left their dive and were hanging on to the signal buoy, which was ignored by the captain of the “Mr. To M”.

The balance of the tragic accident is two dead tourists and a detained boat captain.

After the events, the emergency number was activated for all dependencies both in Cancun and Isla Mujeres, so the Harbor Master’s staff immediately mobilized to verify the report.

According to preliminary information, the divers, believed to be Canadian, were seriously injured while snorkeling in this area, but the area had no warning buoy, when they were allegedly hit by the propeller of another boat.

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The crews of the boats tried to rescue them and transfer them ashore, but unfortunately they lost their lives.

The state attorney general’s office has opened investigations into events on Friday in which Isla Mujeres celebrates 505 years since it was discovered by the Spaniards in 1517.

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