NieR Automata Secret Church Discovers Relevant NieR Replicant Connections

The mystery of the secret church in NieR: Automata has a new chapter. The only user who was able to get into it, u/sadfutago on Reddit, continued to uncover more as they regained control of 9S. The advances include various elements extracted from NieR Replicant, the first opus of the NieR brand. All this taking into account that this is real hardware, something that the community is still unaware of.

Connections with NieR Replicant in the Secret Church of NieR Automata

The user has uploaded a new video on the Reddit channel of the NieR saga in which he has made important advances since his discovery. Back as 9S, he was able to open the chest linked to the character, where there was a document that refers to Yona, a core character in NieR Replicant. We translate the content of the text below. We recommend that you stop reading if you don’t want to know the game’s sensitive reveals:

“Class 1 patient: Yonah.

The patient’s condition makes any treatment impossible. A report will be sent to the management committee detailing the procedure to be followed in the event of the patient’s death, with an emphasis on how the information is handled compared to the original.

As insurance in the event of a sudden worsening of the patient’s condition, five additional doctors will be appointed.

As soon as you read the document, the inert black mass becomes a powerful enemy, inevitably reminding the shadows from the previous game. Once defeated, a puzzle was activated in one of the cauldrons in the church. The birds at the top start talking with perfect Japanese subtitles. Yes, a new turn of events. Recall that Sadfutago claims to use a Canadian copy of NieR Automata for PS4 without having been updated on the internet.

The transcript of the dialogues is as follows:

  • First line: “Who is the real voice?”.
  • Second line: “Who will show you what you really are?”
  • Third line: “Answer my question.”
  • Fourth line: “I ask.”
  • Fifth line: “Why did the man disappear from the world?”
  • Answer 1: “Because life is short.”
  • Answer 2: “Because of the disease of darkness.”

The user’s progress stops there because, according to him, each time he chooses a question, the game brings him back to the beginning of the zone. That is why the community has come back to work. Within minutes, they realized that the enigma requires answering in a specific order to move forwardsomething that already happens at another point in NieR Replicant.

Square Enix viral ad? A programming genius who will turn the scene upside down? modder from NieR Automata? A unique coincidence on the planet? The truth is that everything the hypotheses are on the table. We will have to wait for the next chapter.

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