Molly Carlson and Aidan Heslop surprise on the first date of the 2022 Red Bull Cliff Diving in Boston Harbor

English Aidan Heslop and the Canadian Molly Carlson They are the first winners of the first event of the Red Bull Cliff Diving 2022the competition that brings together the best divers in the world.

The first round of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series took place at Boston and there was surprise in the male and female categories. Gary Hunt Yes Rhiannan Iffland They started out as heavy favorites, but both were overtaken in the spectacular competition held in Boston Bay.

Among women, the Canadian Molly Carlson ended five-time champion Rhiannan Iffland’s 13-game winning streak. And he did it by rolling a 10 on his last jump.

“It really is a dream come true”

“I have no words! I had never jumped in front of my family, so to come here, to have enjoyed so much and to be so proud of what I have accomplished in front of them is truly a dream come true,” Carlson said. .

“I had trained indoors and sit’s always scary when you go out for the first time. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it and jump well outside,” said the Canadian diver.

The 23-year-old Carlson already stands out as one of the best female divers in the world and in her first season with a fixed spot in the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series she claimed victory.

In the male categoryenglish Aidan Heslopalso made history by taking the first test of the year and beating the nine-time champion, the French and London-born Gary Hunt.

Paris will be the second meeting of the eight that make up the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series next June 18. The last test will take place in Sydney on October 15.

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