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MEXICO.- Martha Higareda has not only built an exceptional career in Mexican cinema, but is also looking to break into Hollywood. In recent days, he explained what it was like to work alongside Keanu Reeves, one of the actors strong points and respected American entertainment.

Higareda started his career in Hollywood in 2008 when he starred in kings of the street, with the Canadian actor. In an interview for the YouTube show the parrotconfessed what was it like behind the scenes with the protagonist of John Wick.

He is a very good person, he is rather discreet, because he is very introverted, but he is so nice, he always gives things to people, with him we feel a very nice kindness, “he said. declared.

She also commented that when she met him, he greeted her very kindly. It’s nothing new for the actor to be portrayed as such a likeable person, as throughout his career he’s been praised for his calm demeanor and your generosity.

In addition to avoiding a life of luxury, the actor actively participates in charity events and made huge donations to charitable foundations for various causes, such as the fight against leukaemia.

In recent weeks, Martha Higareda announced to her followers the release of her new film, which was written by herself. It’s a romantic comedy that the Mexican has perfected over time.

“When I wrote my first short film script, it wasn’t very good, but perseverance and love they made me progress each day. Today, I am proud of this scenario,” she commented.

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