Justin Bieber reveals the health reason that forced him to postpone his tour

Justin Bieber was forced to postpone some concerts of his tour Court visit due to facial paralysis caused by Ramsay Hunt syndromerecently diagnosed the artist.

This syndrome is caused by nerve infection of the head, and affects the face, ear and mouth, producing paralysis, pain and even hearing loss.

justin shared his situation through a video in the networks, a compelling reason why he had to cancel his upcoming shows on the tour.

“Hi everyone, this is Justin. I wanted to update you on what’s going on. As you can see on my face, I have this syndrome called Ramsay Hunt syndrome, it’s a virus that it attacks the nerves of my ears, my face, and it paralyzes my face“, explained the Canadian.

“As you can see, I can’t blink, I can’t smile on this side of my face, this nostril isn’t moving either. I have paralysis all over this side of my face“, counted Justin, while showing that indeed, his face was completely paralyzed and that he could not even blink.

In addition, Justin took advantage of this video to ask to understand to his fans: “So for those of you who are frustrated with the cancellation of upcoming shows, obviously I’m not physically capable of doing them. It’s pretty bad, as you can see , I wish it weren’t, but obviously my body is telling me I need to slow down. I hope you understand“.

“During this time, I will rest and relax to be 100% again so I can do what I was born to do, but until then it won’t be like that. I love you guys, thanks for being patient with me. I will recover“, concluded the singer.

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