Justin Bieber postpones his concerts for health reasons

The Justice World Tour of justin bieber was about to start, but due to the singer’s health issues, the dates were changed. It’s a very special tour for Justin, since it’s a unique show to promote the artist’s last two albums, To change Yes Justice.

However, on the recommendation of his doctors, Justin had to cancel the upcoming concerts he had scheduled.

“I did everything to get better, but my illness is getting worse,” the singer said in his stories from Instagram.

Finally, the artist will have to reschedule the two shows in Toronto, scheduled for the 7th and 8th of this month, as well as the one in Washington DC, on the 10th. The new dates are not yet known. It is expected that Justin’s subscribers will have no major complications in receiving the corresponding refund.

Although Justin Bieber did not want to specify the cause of his health problem, we know that the artist suffers from Lyme, a bacterial disease caused by tick bites. by tick bite. The disease usually manifests as a rash, and as it progresses the rest of the symptoms appear, ranging from headaches to fever or fatigue.

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