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In the exhibit there are 92 sizable pieces that demonstrate Alan’s mastery as the world’s master printer.Canadian artist Alan Flint, considered a world master engraver, returns to Guantánamo after almost two years of its last exhibition, this time to surprise the local public with the new project Insert technologyat the headquarters of the provincial branch of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC).

Scheduled for Saturday at 7 p.m., the initiative proposes to recognize the work of the outstanding creator through the exhibition of 92 original prints executed from experiments on various supports and combining printing techniques (lithography, cyanotype, xylography, screen printing , screen printing…), where ideas are the main raw material.

The works are the result of a multidisciplinary and critical investigation through which the author invites us to reflect on the impact of new media on the social life of art and human relations.

Each piece also bears witness to the convergences between the image and the written word, within the framework of the current technological system and which is becoming a fundamental force for the development and evolution of artistic creation.

Insert technology has already been presented in Santiago de Cuba, where the value of the exhibition has been highlighted, which from primitive representations alludes to gender issues, pollution, bureaucratization, kitsch themes… between other subjects which, together, become a kind of collage resulting from the construction and deconstruction of symbols, cultures and icons of the collective imagination.

According to visual arts specialist Rocío de los Ángeles Cruz Toranzo, of the Provincial Center for Plastic Arts and Design of the City of Heroes, for this exhibition, Alan appropriated the cultural fabric still consolidated in Canadian society, made up of emigrants who contribute multiple visions, traditions and syncretic ways of doing things.

“The exhibition could serve to understand the dynamics of art in the 21st century, in addition to approaching contemporary printmaking in a different way,” he said.

Alan Flint, who looks to the Greater Antilles for ties of sympathy with the Luis Díaz Oduardo Cultural Workshop, in Santiago de Cuba, He has collaborated with over 140 artists and produced over 450 international creative projects.

He also works in sound arts, both in musical and experimental methods, so, in addition to the exhibition at Uneac Guantanamera, he plans to organize a mini-concert with his group Flan-tasy, created in partnership with Cuban artists who offer audiences innovative songs that inspire new and futuristic genres.

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