Free Fire x Justin Bieber: know the dates of all the events

free fire will be five years old.The Battle Royale Galena is preparing a special collaboration with the singer justin bieber to celebrate. It will be available for Android and iOS phones. The events will begin on August 5, with the Canadian concert as the most attractive. It will take place on August 27. Below, discover the list of events for their anniversary.

The date of all the events that Free Fire is preparing and the collaboration with Justin Bieber

Garena has released the schedule for the game’s fifth anniversary celebration. The first event begins on 5 August with “Unite the world”. In this one, they will present a new game mode. Subsequently, the August 27 will start a collaboration with justin bieberbecause you can see the artist’s concert in the game. Likewise, it has been confirmed that new game modes, maps and other surprises will be released.

  • From August 5 to September 13: event unite the world.
  • From August 5 to 21: new game mode, Everyone mode.
  • August 13-19: Special Items in the shop.
  • From August 20: new menu: Nexterra.
  • From August 27 to September 2: special items in the shop.
  • From August 27 to 29: surprise events.
  • From August 27 to September 13: concert by justin bieber inside the game.
  • From September 3: new game mode, android apocalypse.

NeXTerra, the new map that will come to Free Fire

One of the novelties is the incorporation of a new card for the fifth anniversary of the battle royale. This new map is called NeXTerra. The little that has been revealed is that it will have amazing locations such as weightless environments, museums, greenhouses, and more. This event will take place in free fire Yes MAX free fire the following August 20, 2022.

Justin Bieber concert

The five years of free fire will take place in collaboration with Justin Bieber. As revealed in the singer’s skin spec sheet, the character is named J Biebs and has Silent Sentinel abilities. Likewise, the maximum celebration will take place on August 27, 2022when Juntin Bieber appears in-game to give a virtual concert.

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