Ex-Maradona fitness trainer told Passarella-related lie he told Diego to motivate him

Elvio Paolorosso and an anecdote of the preparation for Pelusa’s latest return to football

The clash between Diego Maradona Yes Daniel Passarelle It is a story known to everyone in the world of Argentine football. The crossing began when the historical captain of the Argentine team lost his title with the arrival of Charles Bilardo to the team, which was awarded to the iconic number 10.

A fight on the eve of the start of the World Cup in Mexico in 1986 energized a relationship that was never renewed. But beyond what happened before Argentina established themselves as the best in the world, the years have passed and now we know a particular anecdote related to Maradona’s last days as a professional player.

Elvio Paolorossiwho knew how to be the physical trainer of Bilardo when he was manager of Boca Juniors, recalled how he motivated Down during the special pre-season he made for his last return in the blue and gold jersey before his final farewell to football.

“To Diego, there you told him ‘you have to do this’ and there he doesn’t do it to you. I remember when I went to train him on the last comeback. Because he, before to retire in Boca, we had a pre-season, we went to Villa La Angostura for three months, next to San Martín de los Andes, in Bahía Manzano, then we went to Canada, where our brother was , there we trained with ben johnson», began the story of the PF who knew how to work with Gerardo Martino in the Argentine team.

I remember sometimes he didn’t want to work. “No, I don’t want to work today,” he told me. Next I remembered that he had some small disputes with Passarella, everything had been said by the mediaso i tell him “Do you know what I heard this morning? and he said to me ‘what?, that Passarella said that you can’t play anymore, that you’re chubby’ That day he trained in the morning, in the afternoon and at 2am he m called and said ‘let’s go to a gym’ that there was one open 24 hours in Canada to work out. worked a triple shift“, added Paolorosso in dialogue with Radio Super Sports.

Elvio Paolorosso with Caniggia and Maradona in Boca

Although the two couldn’t rebuild their relationship, Maradona and Passarella have been dating lately. It was ahead of the Russia 2018 World Cup final when the two met in the bowels of the Luzhniki Olympic Stadium. As part of an invitation made by FIFA to the great players in the history of the World Cup, Diego once again met the one who lifted the trophy in Argentina 78: there they greeted each other, applauded and each went his way.

The anecdote told by the former physical trainer of the Argentina team took place within the framework of a special plan that he made The ten putting on the Boca jersey in 1997. In the middle of that year, Maradona traveled to Canadian territory and it was there that he added the former sprinter, who had tested positive for doping at the Games, to his team. Seoul Olympics in 1988 and who, for recidivism, was suspended for life by the athletics federation.

A few months before playing this memorable match against River Plate in the Monumental, which the visit won thanks to the two heads of Martin Palermo and in which the number 10 came out at halftime replaced by Juan roman riquelmewas that Maradona visited the York University in Canada for the last part of his last preparation to go on the field.


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