Colombians ask to work in Canada

According to the job offer they have availability of 10 vacant positions to fill the production logistics technician positionposition in which they must perform the following functions:

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  • Provide technical advice on the design and efficient layout of plant facilities and production equipment.
  • Develop applications for the control of robots, processes and manufacturing operations.
  • Support the implementation of occupational health, industrial safety and fire prevention programs and coordinate industrial safety training programs.
  • Develop manufacturing and processing procedures and variables, control machinery or equipment, monitor production and inspect processes.
  • Develop and coordinate production programs, quality assurance and inventories in manufacturing processes and other industries.
  • Carry out studies of methods, time and movements
  • Check inventory, material reimbursement, balancing, orders and production capacity.
  • Plan, assemble, fabricate or repair crates, boxes, cartons and other large or unusually shaped or sized packaging.

Requirements to apply for the Sena job vacancy

  • Skills: ability to work at height, in extreme temperatures (hot or cold). Be able to lift objects over 20 kilos repeatedly and be able to stand for long periods of time.
  • Education: technology in logistics management. Industrial automation technicians. Industrial mechanical technician. Electromechanical maintenance of industrial equipment. Professions related to industrial maintenance and logistics management.
  • Live: minimum one year.
  • English: intermediate.

Item details for production logistics

  • Salary: 6,000,001 to 8,000,000 million pesos.
  • Type of Contract: temporary.
  • Working day: completed

How to apply for the Sena job offer?

  • Candidates should submit their curriculum vitae in the Web application of the Public Employment Agency Sena and apply for the vacancy that interests you.
  • The final selection process is solely and exclusively the responsibility of the employer and will take place once the profile verification process, interview and technical test have been completed.
  • The company will request the immigration documents necessary for the incorporation of the people you have selected.

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To note: Once the required number of resumes for the vacancy has been reached, the application will not be available as it will move to tracking status, even if the closing date has not been met.

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