Canadian confectionery company pays $6,500 a month to taste its sweets

Candy Funhouse, a candy chain based in Canada, offers the dream job for many. The position of Chief Candy Officer (“director of candy”, in loose translation) has the sole task of tasting the products that the company sells, ranging from candies, gummies and chocolates to drinks, cookies and savory snacks.

The announcement, published last month on LinkedIn, delighted foodies all over the world. However, geographical restriction ruined the vocation of most of them. The request specifies that the director will be able to work from home, but must reside in Toronto, Canada, or Newark, United States, cities where the company is headquartered.

The call is open to people over the age of 5 and does not require any work experience of any kind. It is required that the applicant does not suffer from any food-related allergies and has “golden taste buds”.

Likewise, and in anticipation of possible disorders derived from the tasting of sweets, the position includes a complete dental health plan.

The payment is 100,000 Canadian dollars (78,000 US) per year.

Jamal Hejazi, executive director of the firm, was pleasantly surprised by the thousands of applications received and the creative videos of some candidates, according to reports. CNN.

The application will be open until the end of August. Candy Funhouse will then review the applications and choose their new candy manager.

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