Canada’s DT take advantage of Tri’s draw to convince Marcelo Flores

Mexico City /

Marcelo Flores has already played with the Mexican national teambut you can always change your mind and choose the representative of Canadaso the maple leaf DT, John Herdmantook advantage of the Sorting couldn’t beat Costa Rica and his team beat United States wink at the young man who has two nationalities.

And it’s that the Canadians won 2-0 and the Mexicans tied the Ticos at zero goals, so they’re going through a bad period, even the fans are asking for the departure of Gerard Martino rudder; while Canada is the leader of the Concacaf octagon.

Then very confident, coach Herdman spoke about the future of Flores, assuring that watching the match on Sunday, he could doubt if he wants to play for Mexico or Canada.

“We have stars now, young stars who will be here for a long generation, there are players like Marcelo Flores who can watch today’s game and wonder if he wants to play for Mexico or Canada. That’s what we started to cause around the world with these dual passport players,” said the coxswain.

Marcelo Flores had celebrated that Mexico had beaten Jamaica through their social media, while Canada didn’t even mention when they beat Honduras.

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