Zelensky assures that there are 32,000 Russian soldiers dead since the start of the war in Ukraine

Images from Ukraine continue to be heartbreaking: this time a Canadian soldier is seen fighting alongside the Ukrainians defend the city of Severodonetsk, and does not hesitate to open fire on the Russian troops. Over there, in this Ukrainian territory located in the Donbass, fierce fighting continues to unfold; above all, in the streets of one of the main objectives of Moscow.

Ukrainians and Russians have been fighting for weeks over their control over the Donbass region. “Do you remember when Russia was hoping to conquer Donbass in early May? We are already in June and we are on the 108th day of war. Donbass resists,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said in his daily message to the nation. Meanwhile, the Russians continue to surround the Azot chemical plant (not to be confused with Azov).

On Sunday morning, invading troops caused a fire by destroying a fuel depot. The Kremlin wants to do the same thing as in Mariupol with Azovstal: block the factory until the 400 soldiers who are there surrender. However, there would already be an agreement to evacuate the 800 civilians who take refuge there. “Severodonestk is not 100% liberated,” said Leonid Pasechnik, the Russian leader in Lugansk.

Russian losses in the war are very high, according to Zelensky: “In total, the dead Russian soldiers are 32,000, a very high number.” This is three times the number of dead Ukrainian soldiers recognized by the Zelensky government. And from Ukraine to Russia. Nation Day was celebrated there this Sunday.nm But not only there. Minority celebrations were also observed in Kherson, Lugansk or Mariupol, where Russia would force the population to attend these concentrations.

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