Xcaret. The alleged intellectual author of the murder of 2 Canadians falls

The Secretary for Citizen Security and Protection reported the arrest of Oscar Iván “N”, alleged intellectual author of the murder of two Canadians at the theme park station xcaret.

Through a Releasethe agency detailed that “thanks to intelligence work, the capture of Oscar Iván “N”, the alleged intellectual author of two people of Canadian nationality, was carried out on January 21, 2022 in the tourist complex of the park in theme Xcaret, Municipality of Solidaridad, in the Riviera Maya region”.

He also explained that “following the lines of investigation and the inter-institutional work between the Office of the Attorney General of Quintana Roo and the Secretariat for Citizen Security and Protection (SSPC) through the National Anti- kidnapping (Conase), it was possible to identify two people followed by the National Intelligence Center (CNI)”.

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Finally, the statement indicated that the detainee was in the Mexico City of Chiapas “for which field staff to know They set up an operation in the office of the mayor of Gustavo A. Madero, one of the people was identified as Oscar Iván “N”, who has a warrant for his arrest for homicide and attempted homicide”, concludes the press release.

Murder of Canadians at Xcaret

On January 21 of this year, Xcaret Group reported the presence of an armed guest inside one of its hotels, who opened fire on three other Canadians staying, and that it was apparently “a targeted and isolated event”.

“Apparently, this is a directed and isolated event and we are cooperating fully with the authorities for its prompt clarification. At this time, we will not comment further so as not to interfere with the authorities’ investigation,” did he declare.

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After investigation by the authorities, it was reported that the crime perpetrated on January 21 at the Xcaret Hotel was a planned action by Canadaderived from a settling of accounts due to debts between criminal groups that operate at a transnational level.

Two people were also reported, against whom arrest warrants were served for attempted murder and double homicide on three people.

They are Christian “R” and Nhu “T”, the latter, a Canadian hired as a nanny for three minors, who were part of a group of 10 people staying at the Xcaret hotel, including the victim who was the target of the crime.

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