Wolff accuses rivals of ‘pathetic’ and ‘fake’ in fight to dampen rebound

Mercedes boss says it’s a Formula 1 problem in general

He points out that the teams have tried to manipulate in favor of their interests

The rebound of the single-seaters is making a lot of noise this season. Now Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has accused the rest of the team bosses of preventing the FIA’s measures against “porpoising” from working.

The FIA ​​announced ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix that it would take action against “porpoising” as it affects driver safety. But this decision was not accepted in good taste by all the teamsbecause they consider that it is up to everyone to solve their problems, while others like Mercedes – which is the single-seater that suffers the most – applauded it.

As reported by British media outlet BBC, these opposing views were reflected in a meeting held over the weekend in Canada, during which the team leaders displayed very different positions on the issue. Above all, those responsible for Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari.

“It’s a sport where you try to maintain a competitive advantage or gain it, but this situation has gone too far“, said Toto Wolff in remarks published by the BBC.

“All the drivers, at least one from each team, said they were in pain after Baku and had difficulty keeping the car on track or blurry vision, I’m not just talking about Mercedes, all cars suffered in some in Baku and they continue to do so here,” Wolff said.

Thus, Wolff called the rest of the team leaders “pathetic” and “wrong”, considering that they are manipulating the settlement in their favor and have put obstacles in the way of solving this problem. “Team Leaders have tried to manipulate what is being said to retain their advantage competitive and tried to play political games while the FIA ​​tried to find a quick solution,” he explained.

“The car is too stiff or bouncy, whatever you want to call it. It’s a common problem we have in Formula 1. This is a design problem that needs to be fixed.”

“We’ll have long term effects that we can’t even judge and at any time it’s a safety risk. Then inventing little manipulations in the background or Chinese whispers or warning a driver is just unhappy,” he added.

Initially, the FIA ​​had informed the teams that they would measure rebound levels and act accordingly in this same Grand Prix, but in the end this will not be the case and they will only monitor it.

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