Without proof, the Jalisco prosecution points Luz Raquel to self-aggression

A week after the death of Luz Raquel Padilla, the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office He claimed, without providing “conclusive” evidence, that the 35-year-old could have self-harmed.

Luis Joaquín Méndez, public prosecutor, told a press conference that the institution he is in charge of has proof that Luz Raquel bought alcohol and a lighter like the one found in the neighborhood park where she was burned on Saturday July 16. Three days later, on Tuesday 19, he died of his injuries.

The official, however, acknowledged that these statements did not constitute “conclusive” evidence and, when asked directly if the prosecution considered it to be self-harm, he replied that it was not. was not the case and that the authorities were not trying to victimize.

“The intention is never to victimize or re-victimize or criminalize anyone, not even Luz Raquel and obviously the person who is detained, has rights,” he said.

Despite this statement, the prosecutor also pointed out during the press conference that there were two investigation files against Luz Raquel.

Both were promoted by the mother and father of Sergio Ismael “N”, a neighbor of Luz Raquel and who so far is the only person detained in connection with the woman’s death. In recent months, she reported him for threatening.

The prosecutor also assured that in May Luz Raquel manipulated the CCTV cameras installed by Sergio Ismael “N” and that, according to his mother, it was Luz Raquel who painted the building where the two families lived.

The state official assured that all avenues of investigation remain open. “Let it be clear that I am not drawing any conclusions, these are all lines that will run out,” he said.

Since last week, the case of Luz Raquel has attracted national attention. According to testimonies that she herself broadcast, her neighbors threatened and even attacked her because they were upset by the noises made by her son, an 11-year-old boy diagnosed with autism.

After her death, her friends and civil organizations publicly declared that she had denounced having been the target of threats from her neighbors and that she had not been taken into care by the authorities.

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