Why Iran won’t face Canada and what makes them a possible rival to Uruguay in their farewell – Ovation – 26/05/2022

The football authorities of Canada canceled this Thursday a match scheduled for June 5 in Vancouver against Iran (21st in the FIFA rankings and with a place in the Qatar World Cup) after the criticism received for the decision to organize this confrontation.

canadian soccer canceled the international match that was scheduled for June 5, 2022 against Iran as part of the men’s national team preparations for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022“, the organization said in a statement.

No further information was given, but the decision came after weeks of criticism led by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau himself. “That game was a bad idea. I can assure you that Sport Canada (the national sports agency) didn’t put any money into the game,” Trudeau said.

Trudeau added that with respect to players and teams arriving in Canada, “border services agencies make professional and independent decisions regarding the admissibility of individuals entering” the country.

The reason

The party’s criticism was sparked by relatives of passengers killed when Iranian armed forces shot down a Ukraine International Airlines plane shortly after it took off from Tehran on February 8, 2020. The tragedy, which Iran later called error, left 176 dead, including 85 Canadians.

More chances for Uruguay

The friendly match between Uruguayan national team and of Jamaica, scheduled for June 11 as Celeste’s farewell, has also been canceled. The Jamaican national team had scored two games for the Concacaf Nations League and they did not give him the times between date and date to comply with the minimum hours of rest requested by FIFA, for which he will not take place.

From now on, the AUF manages two options: that a “Reinforced” Jamaican Under-23s, which FIFA allows or another selected team is directly sought. Iran had already offered itself as a rival and with the cancellation against Canada the probability increases, since this country will have time to travel without problem, which makes it the most conceivable confrontation for June 11, especially more than 15 days left.

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