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Canada a constitutional monarchy. The country’s head of government is the Queen Isabella II.
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In this sense, the monarch delegates his powers to the Governor General from Canada, Mary Simonwho serves as head of state, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet who exercise the executive power, that is to say who take the political decisions of the government. It should be clarified that these positions are elected by democratic means.

In Canada, there is a legislative power which is exercised by Parliament, which is made up of the Upper House or Senate, made up of appointed senators, and the Lower House or also called the House of Commons, made up of deputies. These are elected by the vote of the Canadian people.

Of course, it must be made clear that even though Canada is a constitutional monarchy, the country is a parliamentary democracy. This means that governors and prime ministers are elected by Canadians themselves by universal suffrage, who are the ones who choose who will be Queen Elizabeth II’s delegates.

Canada has never considered independence from the crown and any changes to the Canadian Constitution would require the approval of the Lower House, the Senate and each of the provinces that make up the country.


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