“When you’re at a bachelor party and you sing at Estopa without knowing it”: the viral video with the Muñoz brothers

Life never ceases to amaze us, and if not tells the young David. Whereas he was celebrating his bachelor party He lived a moment he will never forget and which was immortalized thanks to his friend Adrián, accomplice in the joke.

Blindly, in the middle of the airport cafeteria and without knowing that the Muñoz brothers are cracking up.

The future husband sang your warmth blindly in front of Estopa themselves, a challenge his group of friends issued when they realized they had coincided with the artists. “When you have a bachelor party in Tenerife and you sing on Estopa without knowing that they are watching you”Farewell band member Adrián posted on social media.

Once the song was over and without making a single sound, David and José approached the groom, took his hand and they removed the mask that covered his eyes. So the young man reacted with a spontaneous “HOST” fruit of the impact of finding yourself in this situation with your favorite group. After the brilliant performance, the artists embraced David and applauded him, leaving an unforgettable moment with the rest of the passengers as witnesses.

It was all a coincidence and the video went viral on TikTok.

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