What’s behind the US request to Mexico for the T-Mec?

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In interview with Pamela Cerdeirafor MVS News Barrios de Rosanetyenergy expert talks about US demand in Mexico about the T-Mech.

He explained that Mexico had received today the request for consultations from the United States government regarding its energy policy.

Through a statement, the Mexican government said that said request complies with the provisions of Article 31.4 (Consultations) of the Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC).

The energy specialist pointed out that in this treaty, there are laws and regulations that were changed, because “in this administration changes were made that de facto made the sector today completely closed to private participation”

“It’s a contradiction with what is established in the treaty…that is to say, yes, but if there is a conflict with the treaty and if you cause damage, you must pay, you have to pay these damages, you can do what you want, as long as you respect what had already been signed and therefore these decisions are not in accordance with what is established in the T-Mec”.

He explained that a damage analysis of these assets is made, the final damage for Mexico is not only to impose a tariff.

“We’re going to assume it’s 30 billion pesos, Mexico stops getting 30 billion, but the problem with that is that when the country’s income drops, a series of events are triggered, let’s say secondary, which are also going to have an impact on the national economy, the development of States, such as the fact that the government finds itself without income”.

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